A Muslim never loses hope in Allah. When the sun disappears, the stars are present. So when it seems like the whole world is against you, Allah swt is always present with us.
Oh Allah, we seek your Aid and your help against those who’ve oppressed, oppress and continue to oppress upon us. We ask you to Aid our companions in Faith in Palestine, Syria and throughout the Muslim world. Allahuma Ameen

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Let’s not forget them. Let’s not forget the Palestinians who are suffering each second of their lives because of the Israeli army. 
They are humans, just like us, yet the medias barely talk about them or when they do, they try to make us believe that the victims were terrorists and the israeli army is a good one; actually they are killing civil, kids, family. They are targeting family houses, schools, football fields etc… We need to open our eyes and try to make things change even if it’s a little bit.
The israeli army is destroying everything just to build new colonies for its people. Chasing away a population from its own land! What would you do if people came to your house, killed all your family and then said “now it’s my house, you have nothing to do here” why ? Because they have more money than you do. 
The israeli army is bombing from everywhere : air, water… What can the Palestinians do about that? They have absolutely nothing yet the Democratic countries is accusing the Hamas for “its attacks on Israel”. 
The israeli government is threatening to cut electricity and they are also destroying the dons (medicines, food, water, clothes…) that were given in order to help the victims. 
By the time I was writing this, a hundred of people were killed or wounded. So I’m begging you, who is reading this : don’t forget the Palestinians, let’s pray for them and keep them in our thoughts.
Let’s not forget also the people from Syria, Birmania…who live the same things but we won’t talk about them probably because of where they come from or their religion.

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من العادات العائليه برمضان واحد يكب
الفيمتو والثاني يقول كنت حاس..😂

ههههههههه منجد😂


{اَللّهُمَّ اجْعَلْ صِياميفيهِ صِيامَ الصّائِمينَوَ قِيامي فيِهِ قِيامَ القائِمينَوَنَبِّهْني فيهِ عَن نَوْمَةِ الغافِلينَوَهَبْ لي فرحي فيهِ يا اِلهَ العالمينَوَاعْفُ عَنّي يا عافِياً عَنِ المُذنبين}
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