Many people are saying “I won’t be happy this Eid. Too many people are being killed in Gaza and Syria” I want to let you know that in Gaza they are getting ready for Eid themselves. They are currently shopping for clothes and sweets for tomorrow while bombs are falling. And I’m 100% sure it is the same in the beloved Syria and other places filled with oppression. This is very symbolic for us. Yes, many have been killed, but their spirit is not dead, and will not die. Yes, the oppressors may control their borders or other worldly matters, but the oppressors will never control their happiness, nor will they control your happiness. The Syrian and Palestinian people are strong people, and we have to trust that. I know it’s almost impossible to go through the day without thinking about it or feeling sad, and I don’t blame you. But for Eid, do me a favour, and try to stay happy.

Have a blessed Eid everyone. May we enter the next Eid with a free Palestine, and a free Syria. Ameen

Mohammed Zeyara
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I draw another one for Eid lol.. so again.. Happy Eid all .:D 
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Saying that we are not celebrating ‘Eid tomorrow because of what is happening in the Ummah is to equate our happiness with the Dunya. But ‘Eid is far more symbolic than this Dunya. ‘Eid was given to us by Allah Himself as our reward for fasting in Ramadan, and the very act of Fasting is done…


A time for joy,
A time for togetherness,
A time to remember the Blessings of Allah..

May Allah Bless you & make you of those who receive Glad Tidings in this life and the next. Ameen!

Taqabbal Allah Minna Wa Minkum

May Allah accept it from us and you. Ameen!

Eid Mubarak!